Privacy Policy of SportMind, Ltd.

Privacy Policy explains:

What information do we collect and for what reason (SportMind, Ltd., as a personal data manager)?

How do we use this information?

Information obtained during diagnostics is used for evaluation by means of CA method. Anonymised data are used for statistical and scientific evaluation to validate and develop further the CA method.

Right to repair, right to be erased and to be forgotten

If you wish to use your right to erasing or correction, please contact us at Once we verify your identity, we will remove your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.

Where are the data stored?

The data obtained and their backups are stored on OVH servers (, European datacentres). For more information on how the servers are secured, visit Information on the personal data protection is provided by OVH here:

Safety measures of SportMind, Ltd.

SportMind, Ltd., as a processor

The commitments of SportMind, Ltd., the processor, include: